Elkhorn Plaza Veterinary Clinic

Elkhorn Plaza Veterinary Clinic

5447 Diablo Drive, Sacramento, CA 95842

(916) 334-7186


Dr. Lawer is currently the only full time employee of the clinic. Since September 2005 he has utilized Animal Health Technician students from Carrington College California to assist in surgery and dentistry, providing them needed in-clinic training as part of their education. There is a resident cat at the clinic - Snickers - who meets and greets almost everybody who enters. A box turtle (Henrietta) also shares the reception area at the clinic.

Did you know? The adult Bearded Dragon's (Pogona vitticeps) primary diet is leaves (mixed dark, leafy greens) and flowers (yellow/white color). Juvenile Bearded Dragons eat insects and some flowers and salad.

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